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Why Paul Cliff?

Navigli Milano

I love gentlemen watches, always have.

Everything started when I found myself on the market for a new watch. I was looking for a well-crafted elegant timepiece yet that I could wear in any occasion, something that would reflect who I am and the values I stand for: reliable, approachable, stylish because I'm the kind of person that loves every minute of life. No watch ever created matched all my simple yet very clear criteria and, as a perfectionist, I decided that time I wouldn't give up to compromise.

One night I met with friends in the Navigli district in Milano, and shared my frustrations with them only to discover they felt the same way. That was an enlightening moment for us and that's how Paul Cliff came to life.

Good art inspires us every day, but good design motivates us. Because design is not a thing you do, it’s a way of life and we know that you're a #cliffer too!

We hope you will enjoy your Paul Cliff watch as much as we enjoy building and wearing it.

Paul Cliff - Midnight Cloud

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